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What is tone of voice and how is it important?

It can be tricky, as it is about educating every customer-facing employee and giving them an understanding of how best to speak to their clients. It’s not just adding the right pantone reference or using the right stock photography, it’s about getting to the core of the brand to really consider how you want to…

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Great websites are much more than pretty pictures

It’s so important that the design reflects your brand. The images need to be carefully chosen to reflect what your customers expect from you. But you also need to add in an aspirational angle, to suggest the future direction of your business. It’s so important to include the web developer as early as possible in…

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Is your business now too big to rely on office chat?

Then the team steadily grows. And before you know it, you’ve outgrown your lovely barn with the wooden beams and the quirky desks. Remote working takes off. Or maybe you even work in different locations now. Introducing a regular staff newsletter can be a good way to extend your culture and share team updates and…

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The Kimble Communications top tips to proofreading

Before we start though, let us reassure you that mistakes are very easily made. We all do it. When you’ve spent time on a piece of writing, it’s very easy for your brain to ‘auto-correct’ errors. Spelling and grammatical mistakes are naturally missed, as are repeated or missing words. Punctuation has so many rules, it…

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How do you encourage employee engagement?

For me, any feedback is good, as it gives you the chance to react, to answer, to engage. It gives you the opportunity to show you’re listening and that all views are valued. It also gives you a glimpse into what your people are feeling and what’s important to them. So, try not to categorise…

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Six tips for a highly effective social media campaign

1 – Illustrate your position as a thought leader in the market Blogs, short tips and links, through to useful industry articles, are all ways to show you know your stuff. Your prospects are more likely to pick up the phone if they see you as experts. If it’s a very specific product or service…

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Why is internal communications important?

These days, you have two schools of thought: Send out a newsletter and you’re done Completely over-complicate and over-digitalise For us, the channel is important but the message is so much more important! What we’re all trying to achieve is a utopia where employees are valued and senior management work collaboratively with their teams. It’s…

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The Kimble Communications Guide to Strategy

The objective, the message and the content First, instead of getting carried away with how many newsletters you need to create per month or the frequency of posts on social media. Really soul-search what it is you’re trying to achieve. Sounds simple but it’s so important to go back to basics, consider your business model,…

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Brexit planning for 2019 – don’t wait for the big decision

You can encourage everyone in the business to plan ahead There are many entrepreneurs, CEOs, MDs and senior leadership teams who are having sleepless nights, worrying about the strength of the pound, and how it will affect their supply chain and their customers. However, getting a few fundamentals in place to manage the change will…

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