With a backdrop of uncertainty and a sense of futility, there’s a tendency for us all to sit and wait for the big news, that finite decision that will give us all the certainty we need to plan for the year ahead.

But will it ever come?

Now’s the time to plan ahead and get in shape for whatever the future may hold. Here are my top tips on how to plan for change today…

You can encourage everyone in the business to plan ahead

There are many entrepreneurs, CEOs, MDs and senior leadership teams who are having sleepless nights, worrying about the strength of the pound, and how it will affect their supply chain and their customers.

However, getting a few fundamentals in place to manage the change will prove extremely effective.

Now’s the time to empower the teams in the business to consider the impact of the different scenarios and how they can counteract the effects.

• Could you start to work with other suppliers to spread the risk?
• Is there an open discussion you could initiate with any of your trusted partners to understand their standpoint and plan accordingly?
• Are there new markets you’ve been meaning to service that you could invest in now?
• Could a small annual price increase now give you the wriggle room you may need later down the line?

So, what are the steps to implementing a company-wide campaign to plan for all outcomes?

1. Develop a shared repository (maybe on SharePoint or your intranet) for all contingency planning to be stored
2. Arrange a series of meetings to brief team leaders and middle management, and provide content for them to share in team meetings
3. Distribute a structured worksheet to document ideas, actions and progress
4. Share best practice from around the business
5. Create a network of ‘planning champions’ to move things along within each area of the business. These people shouldn’t be subject-matter experts, but more ‘project managers’. PAs with strong links, a good network and a can-do attitude can help to document planning sessions and follow actions through to completion.

Planning for the future should be a positive experience

For now, Brexit is causing a hiatus in activity – lots of ifs and buts – which often means that no decisions are being made. However, when staff are providing input to future-proof their areas of the business, the culture can become inclusive and much more entrepreneurial.

And you could be one step ahead of the competition when (or if) a big decision is finally made.

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