Marketing strategy & planning

To plan is to be one step ahead


Planning is everything, and we’re eager to develop a balance of proactive and reactive marketing strategies. In an ideal world, we will always be proactive but, of course, reacting to customer needs, staff concerns, breaking news and environmental factors are all key.

There’s no substitute for spending the time getting to know you and your business. Our experience (and formal training through the Chartered Institute of Marketing), coupled with your understanding of your company, can create a perfect marketing strategy.

Whether it is a crisis communication plan or a digital strategy you need, we can help.

Internal communications
Engaging with an influential & valued audience


As a small business, you don’t need to worry too much about communicating with your team as it comes pretty naturally. As your business grows, communication becomes increasingly important – even more so in times of rapid change.

By truly listening to your team and involving them in decision-making, an inclusive culture can be encouraged and nurtured. Digital channels can aid communication but they should never replace traditional methods of communication.

If you’re wanting to bring teams together in times of crisis, or simply introduce new channels to inform, educate, and engage, we’d love to help.

Social media & video
Continuous, real and brand-building


The world of marketing has changed dramatically with the emergence of social media, as we now have the power to immediately interact and engage with our audience. Love it or hate it, it is a great opportunity to really understand their likes and dislikes and connect on a longer-term basis.

If you need help to evaluate the virtues of LinkedIn over Instagram, we can guide and advise you. But deciding where to have a presence is just the beginning. The insights at our fingertips enable us to continually develop and evolve in line with our audience’s preferences. It really is an exciting time to be online.

It is well-documented that video is the fastest growing channel of today. Interviews, scripted monologues, animations and PowerPoint narrations all have their place in the digital world. Keep it direct or you’ll lose the viewer’s attention.

Websites & intranets
Our opportunity to connect & share


Websites are an extremely important part of a marketing strategy because they can be a very cost-effective way to showcase what you do, how you do it and what you believe in. Not only are they about selling your products and services,  they are also the ideal place to illustrate your passions, showcase your knowledge and build a connection.

Intranets serve a similar purpose with teams as they can provide the perfect place to store valuable information, documents and to build communities and develop cultures.

Newsletters for prospects, clients and staff
Keeping front-of-mind with our advocates & true believers


The value of newsletters has been questioned, especially In a world where GDPR and client confidentiality are the latest buzzwords, and as a consequence, there has been a huge reduction in the size of many prospect databases.

We still believe in the value of regular, targeted communications. It is all about quality rather than quantity and smaller numbers of true advocates are better than an entire database of disinterested, unengaged strangers.

But it is all about little and often, not overkill. If you dare to over-communicate, they will soon fall out of love with you and with the touch of a button, they are gone.

Brochures & printed materials
Show you care with a thoughtful piece


In a world where people send a text or an email instead of a birthday card, taking the time to develop a corporate brochure or a targeted campaign is often appreciated.

Creating your first brochure or company presentation can represent a key milestone in your company’s evolution.

It’s a good time to think through how best to articulate your key messages. Getting some external help can really aid the process. Unlike a website, once a brochure is printed there is no going back. The words can’t be tweaked and a typo can’t be fixed (unless of course, you reprint them!).


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