Learnings from the world of corporate marketing

The business benefits from the many years of experience I gained within corporate marketing. We love to work with people and businesses that interest us and we commit to our clients for the long haul. In the early days of my career, I managed large corporate events but over time, I moved into senior internal communications roles. Above all else, I loved that internal communications encouraged immediacy and honesty as it felt so much more real to me. It’s now so exciting that digital marketing has enabled companies to enjoy the same engagement with their clients.


Digital marketing has transformed communications

Seeing the rise of digital channels rekindled my love of marketing. As a result, I started Kimble Communications in 2014 to help clients with a wide range of communication requirements. As a team, we’re excited by social media’s direct approach. We’re enthused by the statistics behind our online campaigns, and we’re delighted by the opportunities these channels now provide. Together, we can now easily analyse what works and what doesn’t which helps us build long-term relationships for our clients.


A wealth of experience and a hands-on approach

We’re lucky enough to have gained experience from a range of businesses, such as a Top 5 law firm, a design agency, large IT companies, and charities. We regularly blur the lines between internal and external communications because we’re not tied to rules or restrictions. Oh, and we love a new challenge!  Our experience (and formal training through the Chartered Institute of Marketing) helps too!


Hazel Buckthorpe, Founder & Communications Director 


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