We’ve all been there. The business starts small and steady. Getting the first employee is a wonderful milestone, and you carefully manage every conversation with them to make sure they have everything they need.

Then the team steadily grows.

And before you know it, you’ve outgrown your lovely barn with the wooden beams and the quirky desks.

Remote working takes off. Or maybe you even work in different locations now.

Introducing a regular staff newsletter can be a good way to extend your culture and share team updates and good news, and generally make your valued staff feel all warm inside and just a little bit more connected to the business.

Regular doesn’t need to mean weekly.

There’s no need to go from no newsletter to one every week, and many owners/managers worry about over-communicating. I mean, let’s face it, no-one wants to know about the poached eggs on crumpets you had for lunch!

Starting with a monthly newsletter can feel right – maybe with some regular topics to cover, or mixing it up with a few different areas to cover over a quarterly schedule.

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to newsletters… and of course, after a few editions, you can let the stats do the talking.

If you need regular copywriting support, we can certainly help with that. But if it’s just a bit of brainstorming to create a plan for you to then work to, we’d be more than happy to oblige.


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